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United Petroleum Corp. is an independent trading company for raw materials and oil that accounts for the majority of the types of energy derivatives.


The current reading is found in all the reserves of oil and gas value. We can help reduce the risk and exposure to volatility through a broader market experience, commercial financing, logistics and infrastructure development.


We have the ability to add value and minimize risk at every stage of the cabinet, offering technical advice and financial support.

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This involves supply, marketing and transportation of raw and refined products. New work consists of transferring products that are efficient and responsive from geographical areas of abundance to places in high demand.

  • We effectively manage the cabinet.

  • We offer technical and financial support.

  • We build infrastructure and logistics ideas to speed up and simplify transportation by investing in port and logistics terminals to improve physical trade.

  • We develop business routes, improve logistics and strengthen connections between providers and end users. Invest in innovation that hagan that the markets are badly efficient.

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We focus on negotiating financial instruments with high yields, we focus on:


  • Market creation and negotiation of discretionary accessories: providing access and liquidity in the markets of the future and swaps between intermediaries for the IOC, the corridors, the commercial houses and the NOC.

  • Bilateral and compensated risk management: providing consultancy y

  • Counseling / Execution of Coverage for Clients with Underlying Exposure. Cartridge Optimization. Option Strategies. Risk Management Solutions to Measure.

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